Well, hello! I finally have decided to start this blog. I have been in Dubai for a few weeks now trying to see if i’m going to be successful here, leaving behind 25 years of my life back home in the Philippines.

I initially wanted to post an introductory video but haven’t been so successful in recording. I’m still trying to wrap myself around this idea for I’ve mostly just kept a personal blog, for ranting about the most ridiculous things there is to rant about, so I do hope you bear with me and please be patient! I’ll mainly be talking about the lifestyle here, survival tips (ha!), my fitness journey and basically to show you around the city as I go along in discovering it!

Wish me luck as I am headed out to another adventure this afternoon. I can’t wait to start sharing things with you!


*shameless plug* Do follow! I promise to try and make it as exciting for you as it is now for me!

By nicoletres

Born and raised in the Philippines, lived and worked in Dubai, now once again out and about. I'm into PR, events, marketing, fashion and shoes (like that's a totally different thing.)

I welcome challenges, adventures and new experiences with cheese on top. Oh, and I dance!

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