3 Months of Waiting

So, it took me 3 months before updating this blog as it took me 3 months to be able to go back here in Dubai. It actually reached a point when I even told myself I won’t be able to go back anymore and just go back to working in the Philippines.

I was lucky to have gone home over the course of time I waited for my employment visa. It wasn’t the company’s fault being that there were a lot of things that happened in between but nonetheless – having been back for 3 weeks already, I’d say it looks promising enough for me to confirm that it is worth the wait. 🙂 So far, everything has been great.

For those planning to apply here, it can be quite a tedious process and make take a while, a certain amount of money and so on but hey if you land in something you’ll actually enjoy — then yeah go for it.

A few tips for those trying their luck:

1. Best to be with a relative. If you can find a relative or a friend where you can stay at for the duration of your application, then go for it. It will save you a lot of time and hopefully money when you do.

2. Send out dozens or hundreds of your application early, preferably between 8 am to 12noon. We all know how it works, there are thousands of applications being received every day coming from all over the globe – so aside from making sure your CV is catchy and impressive, make sure you stay on top of the emails.

3. Explore new industries. If you’re like me and it’s your first time working outside of your home country, don’t forget that your experiences are basically of no value. Yes skills count, and they do read it but end of the day, it doesn’t really count for much. You’ll be surprised to enjoy an industry you’ve never dreamt of working in, ergo, me. 🙂

4. Connections. It is given that in this life, we network with people and use them. LOL. For lack of a better phrase, that is. We meet people, connect with them and eventually they are able to help us out. Exhaust all means, befriend everyone you are connected to to help you out and who knows, it might work for you.

5. Patience, and patience, and more patience. For some, they get hired via applying while they’re still back in their home countries. Most go on tourist visa and apply while they’re here – since normally one is given until 60 days. For some it even takes longer. Nothing is ever definite, but if you want it enough then waiting wouldn’t be a problem.

6. Research, learn, discover. 🙂 Nothing much to elaborate on.

Hope this helps a bit. Feel free to ask! 🙂

By nicoletres

Born and raised in the Philippines, lived and worked in Dubai, now once again out and about. I'm into PR, events, marketing, fashion and shoes (like that's a totally different thing.)

I welcome challenges, adventures and new experiences with cheese on top. Oh, and I dance!

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